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Natasha C. Pratt-Harris, PhD

Author, Editor, Principle Investigator, Associate Professor & Graduate Program Director

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Dr. Natasha C. Pratt-Harris is a published author and editor,  NSF-Grant Funded Principal Investigator,  Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director of the Masters in Sociology and Applied Sociology and Social Justice PhD Program in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and (Criminology/ Criminal Justice) with Morgan State University. As the only Black female criminologist who grew up in the city of Baltimore, attended k-12 public schools in the city, and is a current full-time tenured professor, teaching in the discipline, in the city, her research and activism are aligned with her expertise based on her academic prowess and lived experiences. She resides in Baltimore with her husband of 25 years and is the proud mother of two adult daughters and one middle school-aged daughter.

 Selected Research &

Grant Management 

NSF Grant Build and Broaden 2.0: Collaborative Research: Reimagining Policing by Making Neighborhoods Safe and Strong 


Morgan State University, Institute for Urban Research, Principal Investigator The Baltimore City Consent Decree Monitoring Team, Community Survey



Editor and Contributing Author Why the Police Should be Trained by Black People

"Police-involved homicide of unarmed Black males: Observations by Black scholars in the midst of the April 2015 Baltimore uprising"

Happy Kwanzaa? An Afrocentric Comparison of Black Male College Graduates and Black Male Jail/ Prison Releasees

Little Melvin Williams and the Cries of Baltimore

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